Friday, February 22, 2008

Pepper Awakening

Pepper was sleeping while his brother, Spencer, was out bowling. Above are pictures of Pepper awakening.

Pepper Has A New Friend

Pepper's mommy was searching for a puggle on Google and found Preston the Puggle. Preston and Pepper are both puggles and friends. Pepper hasn't met Preston yet but Pepper has seen pictures of him.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pepper Will Have Fun Today

I, Spencer, have no school today due to ice. That means that Pepper will have company all day. We will play "puppy games." He will lose his voice; he will be barking so loud.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What Pepper Does When He Sees Another Dog

When Pepper sleeps, he usually sleeps on the sofa. Then he will somehow smell another dog, and look out the window and start barking at it. He barks very loud, so he annoys me. My little brothert is very, very annoying.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pepper Outside With Soccer Balls

When Pepper goes in the backyard, he likes to play with soccer balls. These balls are chewed up as you can see.


Pepper really likes to go outside. I took some pictures of him outside, enjoying the cold wind.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

How Pepper Got His Name

We were on our way to Petland in Pittsburgh. My cousins, Haley and Ilissa, were thinking of names for a black dog. I had already thought of names for a black dog such as Robot, Cupcake, and Mojo. My cousins didn't like any of those names. We walked into the store and stared at a black puggle. I think it was Haley that came up with the name "Pepper." Ilissa and I really liked that name, so we chose that name and took Pepper home. On his way home, he was in a box. He was so excited to come home.

How a "Puggle" Got Its Name

A Puggle is a pug/beagle mix. My mom and I think Pepper's mom was a beagle, and his dad was a pug. We don't really know for sure, but that is what we think.

Pepper's Funny Things

1) We have mystery smells when he eats people food!!!!!!!!
2) He likes to leave us presents "near" the toilet in the bathroom.
3) He thinks I am a puppy!

Pepper's Cousin's

Pepper has a cousin named Henry. Henry is a Cockapoo. Henry will sometimes go on the sofa, and his sister Tess will bark at him, telling him to get off. Pepper's other cousin is Tess. Tess is a princess. She loves her cage. (Pepper doesn't). Pepper will soon have a cousin named Berkley. Berkley will be a Goldendoodle. Pepper is waiting very patiently for he cousins to adopt Berkley. Pepper will tell you more about Berkley when he meets him.

Pepper's Friends

Since Pepper is only 1 but almost 2, he doesn't have as many friends as you would think. He has 5 friends. One is a cat. The cat's name is Rosie. Pepper has never met Rosie before, but he smelled the air, and knew that Rosie was there. Pepper's other friend is Berkley. Pepper's cousin doesn't have Berkley yet, so Pepper hasn't met Berkley yet. I am sure Pepper and Berkley will be best friends. As soon as Pepper meets Berkley, he will tell you a lot about him. Pepper's other friend is Zoey. Zoey is a Schnoodle. When Pepper and I go for walks, we see Zoey every so often on her electric fence. Zoey barks at Pepper and Pepper barks at Zoey. Pepper's other firend is Tuxe (Tux-e). Tuxe was on our lwan one day but we had to return him to his owner. Tuxe is a big dog. Pepper's last firend is Jake. Jake is a Goldendoodle. Jake lives pretty close to us. Peper doesn't really know Jake very much. Pepper has another friend, Macy, but he doesn't know much about her, so he will tell you more about her as soon as he knows.

The Games That Pepper and I Like To Play

These games are called "Puppy Games." The object of game #1 is for pepper to chase me when I have a treat. He runs after me through the kitchen and into the living room. He barks very loud in order to convince me to give him the treat. The 2nd game is when Pepper is crazy already and I get him into the office, I then will close the door but leave it open a crack, the he puts his nose through the crack, I run, and he chases me and barks very loud. The description of other games will be coming soon.

What He Does 24/7

At night, Pepper will sleep on my mom in the bed. Pepper calls my mom his "Mattress." From 6:30 A.M.- 8:25 A.M. , Pepper is usually eating toliet paper, or playing with his toys, or outside. When my parents and I get home, we see toilet paper all over the floor. The we have to clean it up. Cleaning it up is very boring.

Pepper is Almost 2!

Pepper's birthday is April 11, 2006. He turned 1 last year. He will be 2 this year. He is very excited for his birthday. He is planning on getting lots of presents. The family is very excited for this once-a-year event.