Friday, February 22, 2008

Pepper Has A New Friend

Pepper's mommy was searching for a puggle on Google and found Preston the Puggle. Preston and Pepper are both puggles and friends. Pepper hasn't met Preston yet but Pepper has seen pictures of him.


CoCo said... look kinda like me! I'm CoCo the Puggle and I found you via Preston's comment page. I'm surpised you didn't find me first! I think you look super precious and my Mama is especially excited because she loves black puggles because we are extra rare!

Nice to meet you and I hope we can be friends!

CoCo Puff

Pepper Schenker said...

Hi CoCo Puff,

It is nice to meet you too! I like being a black puggle cuz I am so different from my other puggle friends.

I weigh 25 pounds and my body looks more like a pug than a beagle. I like to dance, bury my bone in my mommy's curtain and I love to play.

Keep in touch,

Sniffs and licks,

Pepper the puggle.