Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pepper's Friends

Since Pepper is only 1 but almost 2, he doesn't have as many friends as you would think. He has 5 friends. One is a cat. The cat's name is Rosie. Pepper has never met Rosie before, but he smelled the air, and knew that Rosie was there. Pepper's other friend is Berkley. Pepper's cousin doesn't have Berkley yet, so Pepper hasn't met Berkley yet. I am sure Pepper and Berkley will be best friends. As soon as Pepper meets Berkley, he will tell you a lot about him. Pepper's other friend is Zoey. Zoey is a Schnoodle. When Pepper and I go for walks, we see Zoey every so often on her electric fence. Zoey barks at Pepper and Pepper barks at Zoey. Pepper's other firend is Tuxe (Tux-e). Tuxe was on our lwan one day but we had to return him to his owner. Tuxe is a big dog. Pepper's last firend is Jake. Jake is a Goldendoodle. Jake lives pretty close to us. Peper doesn't really know Jake very much. Pepper has another friend, Macy, but he doesn't know much about her, so he will tell you more about her as soon as he knows.

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Sam said...

Love the blog, but we are extremely offended. You mention "friends" of Pepper, whom Pepper has not even met, yet you fail to mention his cousins Henry and Tess. This could cause a big family rift.

-Aunt Roz