Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pepper is Sad

Today, we got a call from Pepper's Sisters' Babysitter, and she said that Pepper's sister, Ivy the Green-Anole Gecko died. Pepper is sad. But Pepper and his family will bury Ivy, and on Saturday, Pep and his family are getting a new gecko, which will be a House-Gecko or a Green-Anole or it might me a different type of gecko. Ivy's sister, Forest is luckily still alive. Forest is sad that Ivy died and will join Pepper and his family at Ivy's funeral. Forest is also happy, at the same time, that she was told she was getting a new sister. Today, Pepper was making a website for Forest and Ivy but he got the news that Ivy died. THe website's name will change depending on the new Gecko's name. The website was, , but since Ivy died, the website's name will change. Please be aware because of this sad day, Pepper will not get to your emails as quick so wait patiently. The new Gecko website name will be posted on this website on Saturday.

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