Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where is Pep going?

Spencer will be on spring break. He will be going to Florida. What about Pepper, you ask? He will be going to Doggie Day Care. He goes to this place and has fun for 6 days. He plays with other friends and new friends. Every day, when Pep is at Doggie Day Care, Pepper sends a picture of him. These picture will be posted on this site. Have a GREAT Spring Break!


Sparky said...

Pepper, I go to Doggie Day Care too and always have a blast. My mama is always worried that we don't miss her when we are away. Ruff, ruff - she's so silly! I tend to stick with pups my own size, and my brother likes to play with all the huge dogs!

Spencer said...

Sparky, I love Doggie Day Care! I have to go there because my family is going there without me. They are visiting my grandfather. He said that he doesn't want a pup like me messing up his house.

Pepper The Puggle